Military Arctic Operations Personnel Vehicle

In a joint project with an accredited military engineering group, a new multi-use snowmobile was required for armed forces deployment to the Canadian arctic.


Design Challenge:

Working closely in partnership with the engineering group, develop the hood, cowlings, and instrument panels to be mounted onto the custom designed snowmobile frame and instrumentation. The panels must afford quick and easy access to the engine bay and other mechanical components, allowing the soldiers to repair and maintain the vehicle in extreme conditions. The Canadian arctic climate is unrelenting with fierce winds, frigid temperatures, poor visibility and heavy snowfall. The design must account for these conditions as well as the equipment and kit worn by the Canadian armed forces such as mitts and boots. The design must minimize the use of tools and loseable components wherever possible, and be quickly and easily replaceable.

Concept Development - Justin Murray

Surface Modeling - Justin Murray

Tooling Design - Justin Murray

Mentorship - Mike Sirois / Romeo Graham

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